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Container Freight Station

Container Freight Station

Container Freight Stations (CFS) form an important link for speedy movement of cargo in and out of a country and plays a key role in supporting the Port to perform its’ core activity for entry and exit of cargo through ships. It reduces the burden on the Port and helps improve efficiencies. It also facilitates cargo stuffing, de-stuffing, consolidation and segregation for export and import.

With the growing volume of international trade, the need for expeditious clearance of goods at the port within the minimum possible time has been gaining importance. This is more so when the ports are facing congestion at their premises due to ever increasing container traffic. Palcoman enables ports and people to optimally utilize the existing infrastructure, space, equipment and manage fluent Cargo and container movements within the allocated premises.


  • State-of-the-art, fully-racked insured warehouse facility
  • Custom built dock levelers to facilitate easy access for trailers, for safe and efficient loading/unloading of cargo
  • ‘Health Safety Environment’ (HSE), with the latest fire protection systems
  • Modern administrative set up
  • Managed and operated by the Imperial Shipping Services LLC staff and equipment
  • Container