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Multi Modal Operations

Multi Modal Operations

Multimodal transportation is essentially an international through-transport combination with various modes of transport. This results in an integrated transport chain where the strength of each alternative is utilized. Main characteristics of multimodal transportation are transshipment terminals that allow efficient cargo handling between short-distance and long-distance traffic as well as application of standardized and reusable loading units.

Multimodal modes of transport basically combine the flexibility of trucks with economies of scale of such means of transport that are destined for long-distance forwarding.


  • Cargo pick up from shipper’s warehouse of the consignee Door
  • Import clearance of cargo at the port of discharge
  • Export packing in-house & documentation specialists
  • Warehousing Services, Distribution and delivery
  • Safe handling of General cargo / Perishable cargo
  • Qualified personnel for handling dangerous goods
  • Multi Modal Operations